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Cloud computing is surrounded with much hype and marketing messages spreading the word about the new era of computing, and how your IT infrastructure should sooner or later  be  placed in the 'cloud' if you don\'t want to be left behind in the dark ages of traditional computing. It is undeniable that there are wide arrays of benefits that cloud computing offers, some we could never have imagined before: fast deployment, scalability, business agility, lower costs, these are some of the main advantages enabled by the cloud.

But there is an obvious danger to a cloud customer, who by doing a simple search on cloud computing on Google, can end up with a blurred vision. To add to the confusion, new providers offering cloud based services are emerging daily, making it difficult for future cloud adopters to perform their due diligence and properly evaluate their options.

When a company decides on the type of the cloud (Private, Public or Hybrid) and the cloud service (IaaS, PaaS or SaaS) that can best suit its infrastructure and business needs, the next big decision is narrowing the choice down to one cloud vendor who can provide the service that brings the best results both in terms of cost and performance. The lack of universal standards with which a user can go by to evaluate cloud service providers makes the process seem quite arbitrary, but there are some general guidelines to follow.trans.gif

Here we will focus on infrastructure as a service, or cloud hosting, and provide a list of factors that a company should consider when deciding on a cloud IaaS provider. As each company has its own specific technical and operational requirements, the following points should be taken as a general guide.

First, let\'s look at the most common reasons why companies are drawn to this type of cloud service. IaaS is usually the cloud service of choice for companies that have various complex apps operating on the company-owned hardware. These companies benefit from avoiding the upfront capital hardware investments, as IaaS billing is based on pay-per-use model. More importantly, IaaS enables fast deployment of applications, and improves the agility of IT services by instantly adding computing processing power and storage capacity when needed.

When transferring parts of their IT infrastructures to the IaaS provider, companies should comprise a list of specific service requirements including support, security, and monitoring.

Factors to Consider when Choosing an IaaS provider:

  • Financial stability. Obtain records that can prove the financial stability of the cloud vendor.
  • Make sure that the security policies and measures that the cloud vendor has established correspond with your security requirements.
  • Find out who is allowed access to your data.
  • The IaaS vendor should have no issues with taking prospective customer on a tour of their data center and allow you to assess the quality of the back end systems.
  • Find out if cloud provider\'s data center infrastructure is highly ranked (Tier 2 or Tier 3 standards).
  • Ensure that the infrastructure can be configured to meet the changing needs.
  • Cloud vendor should provide high SLA guarantees for their services.
  • Learn about the cloud provider\'s key risks and performance indicators.
  • Learn if you can easily switch to another provider if the need arises.
  • Finally, check the quality of customer service and support.

When it comes to evaluating cloud IaaS vendors it is critical to have thorough understanding of their offerings and total costs of solutions. Most companies don\'t have the experience and knowledge of cloud technology necessary to make the right choice. This is where the guidance of experts, such as BizCloud cloud consultants, can be of valuable assistance to an organization. Partnering with the leading cloud providers, BizCloud is able to identify the best provider or solution for your company to ensure improved business outcomes.

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