Introduction to Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Technology

1. Introduction The concept of future technology and how it should be managed should be looked at keenly in many organizations. This report will look at how cloud computing as a future technology could be managed. This report will explain the implica... [More]

Cloud Computing Education Taken to the Next Level

Author: Cloud Computing Cloud Computing Education Taken to the Next Level There is no surprise that cloud computing education is a necessary tool for many companies and even schools. With this type of computation system that should not... [More]

Moving to the Cloud or just testing the waters?

Know the potentials and risks before you take the plunge.

Cloud Novice or a Pro? brings you all that you need to know about Cloud Computing.

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Top 50 Bloggers on Cloud Computing — Ever since I first published here my tentative list of Top Players in the Cloud Computing Ecosystem - now expanded to a list of 250 and growing daily thanks to community feedback via my Twitter account (@jg21) and a very kind mention by ReadWriteWeb - there have been suggestions that another prism through which to view cloud computing might be that of people rather than companies.